Ticket Printing Kiosks

The are numerous applications where a user requires a ticket or label to be printed and Kiosks4business ticket dispensing kiosks are built specifically to cater for this market.

Many of our touchscreen kiosks have been designed from the outset to enable the installation of a ticket printer with free standing models such as Eidos, Figur or the Wall mounted Acis kiosk.

Typically, ticket printers use a 80mm wide printer roll hidden inside the kiosk and accessible via a locked door for easy replacement of the roll.

Key Features:

  • Rugged enclosures that look great
  • Reducing queing times and increase customer satisfaction
  • Print tickets or labels
  • Choice of kiosks to fit all spaces
  • Wall mounted and freestanding designs

Ticket Kiosk Applications

Ticket kiosks tend to be utilised where there is high footfall or significant pressure on services at certain times of the day. Some examples of using toushcreen kiosks for ticketing include: Airports, Cinemas, Hotels, Events, Train stations, Exhibitions, Education, Leisure operators and holiday resorts.

Benefits of Ticketing Kiosks

  • Reduce queuing times
  • Always available including outside normal business hours
  • Enable staff with more complex tasks and improve customer service
  • Offer multiple services by day/night or from each kiosk

Eidos Wheelchair Accessible Kiosk

Eidos was developed initially for councils, NHS and other public services and the dimensions are set to adheive usability by wheelchair users. Eidos includes a choice of 19in or 22in widescreen display, both with touchscreen and antibacterial coating applied to the screen. Eidos was designed from the outset to enable integration of additional devices (Bar code scanner, magnetic card reader, thermal ticket/label/receipt printer. Eidos can be ordered finished as standard in white with anthracite grey chaassis or provide your own colour for the front metalwork and add your own branding. Eidos is also available in a taller format.

Eidos Kiosk

Figur Kiosk

Figur is a narrow touchscreen kiosk with high definition display in portrait orientation designed to fit anywhere. The kiosk can be built with thermal receipt printer or a wider version with high volume ticket printing capability.

Figur Kiosk

Acis Single/Dual Screen Ticketing Kiosk

Like Figur, Acis is a narrow touchscreen kiosk but designed to be wall mounted. Acis has the capability to have one (touchscreen) or two screens where the second screen can be used for running advertising or other messaging. Figur can be ordered with a printer pod fitted to the left or right hand side of the kiosk.

Acis Kiosk

Kiosks4Business Ticket Printing Kiosks

Kiosks4business have many years of experience in deploying touchscreen kiosks into councils, NHS, industrial, retail and other customers using our standard Eidos wheelchair accessible kiosk along with Totem and desk mounted designs. These kiosks are used for travel, museums, libraries, planning and customer service departments amongst others and have been widely accepted by service users.

Kiosks4business typically provide a complete solution for many of our customers where the solution includes both the touchscreen kiosk and software. We also provide installation and training for your staff.

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