Touchscreen Kiosks for Restaurants

Touchscreen kiosks and tablets are creating some fantastic new possibilities for Quick Service Restaurants.

The kiosks help manage customer queues and offer a wider range of food typically shown on a printed menu. Furthermore, the content can be updated dynamically and the kiosk can be used to encourage upsell of items.

The kiosks can be located within the main entrance area and Kiosks4business offers a choice of wall mounted, free standing and desk-mounted designs based on PC and tablet platforms.

Key Features

  • Reducing queing times and increase customer satisfaction
  • Streamline customer journey
  • Upsell options and offer wider choice
  • Choice of kiosks to fit all spaces including wheelchair accessible for DDA
  • Antibacterial coatings applied to the kiosk
Touchscreen kiosks and tables for restaurants

Touchscreen Restaurant Menus

Interactive touchscreen restaurant menu systems can be launched on tablet (iPad/Android) or PC based touchscreen kiosks. The touchscreen friendly menu system makes it possible for customers to select from a wide range of food and options, place their order and complete the transaction before collecting their food from the main counter.

The touchscreen menu kiosks help reducing visible queueing and encourages customers in to the store and to increase their orders.

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