Touchscreen Kiosks for Public Services

Touchscreen kiosks have helped local authorities to drive down costs of service provision and increase levels of customer service. Most customer facing duties can be supported by the introduction of an interactive touchscreen providing easy access to web-based information, forms, documents and helpful videos. The kiosks are built to withstand public use with hardwearing finish and tough touchscreen interfaces. The kiosks may be wall mounted, free standing or desk mounted and may include additional devices such as printers, bar code scanners and card readers.

Key Features

  • Future proof - operate many services and update as required
  • Reducing queing times and increase customer satisfaction
  • Streamline queuing, bill payments and appliction forms
  • Choice of kiosks to fit all spaces

Bill Payment Kiosks

Bill payment kiosks help reduce queues and enable service providers to spend more time with clients who have complex needs. The payment kiosks are manufactured with chip & pin payment terminals along with thermal receipt printers. Bill payment kiosks can be used to be council tax bills, fines and other charges.

Touchscreen Surveys

Many departments have a requirement for getting feedback from service users in order to improve facilities and working methods. Touchscreens provide a win-win solution for local authorities as they are easy to administer and typically quicker for a user to respond than paper based surveys. Other great advantages to touchscreen surveys include reducing errors which often occur in paper-based surveys, plus the ability to quickly view survey responses in near real-time.

Access to Information

Local authorities cover wide ranging services with customers of varying ability and needs. Providing a consistent level of service with diverse user groups is a challenge, one that touchscreen kiosks can help with. Kiosks are typically deployed in waiting and reception areas and may provide access to specific services such as housing or planning departments. The kiosks provide an intuitive interface for customers to access information, fill out application forms and view other information such as guides, images and video content. Local authorities get detailed reports of how the kiosks are being used, what information is being requested and displayed which helps with service provision.

Form filling

There are many applications where a service user has to provide information as part of an application process. Touchscreen forms remove the errors which inevitably are introduced on paper-based processes. These forms can validate the information and only request additional information depending on answers to previous questions thus keeping the form easier to understand.


Touchscreen kiosks can help speed up the process of queuing for service users. The kiosks can provide enough information for many users such that they then do not need to speak with the customer service team. The kiosks may ask basic information in order to work out which representative should see the user and help management understand the ‘pinch points’ within their processes. Additionally, queuing kiosks can print tickets which may include useful information, phone numbers or 2D bar codes to link other content.

wall mounted touchscreen kiosk for NHS

Kiosks4business Public Sector Kiosks

Kiosks4business have many years of experience in deploying touchscreen kiosks into councils, NHS and other public services using our standard Eidos wheelchair accessible kiosk along with Totem and desk mounted designs. These kiosks are used for travel, museums, libraries, planning and customer service departments amongst others and have been widely accepted by service users.

Kiosks4business typically provide a complete solution for many of our customers where the solution includes both the touchscreen kiosk and software. We also provide installation and training for your staff.

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