Site Surveys

Our team will visit each site you have identified and work with you and your local teams to determine the optimum position for your kiosks, digital signs and other products. Your project manager will take photo's and check position of power sockets and network points to ensure a hassle-free installation. A site survey document will be created detailing the location and any networking/power requirements. The site survey document will be sent to you for approval prior to the products being installed.

You've chosen your kiosk and worked with us to specify your kiosk software, now site back and our projects team will do the rest.

Our kiosk installers work across the UK installing touch screen kiosks and digital signage products whether they be stand-alone, desk or wall mounted products.

Network Provision

Kiosks4business can provide broadband network installation as part of a kiosk project. Our broadband service includes provision of wireless router which can be enabled as required.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring of kiosk and other hardware is essential to providing proactive management of an installed system. Kiosks and other hardware may be located across the UK but remotely monitored from one central location.

Remote Monitoring

By using a remote monitoring system, installed hardware can be proactively managed to find and fix faults before they become a serious issue. Remote monitoring is done using the internet whereby each hardware point transmits a short message back to our remote monitoring server.

Remote Server

The remote monitoring server acts as a central hub showing how the kiosk hardware is being used. The remote monitoring server shows up-time for installed hardware and can report on software versions and any updates which have been applied.


The remote monitoring system can send alerts to an engineer by using SMS text based alerts and emails.

Field Service Engineers

Kiosks4business have our own team of engineers for field service visits so you know you'll always get someone with experience of the kiosks. Our team perform site surveys, installation and maintenance work on on the kiosks.

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