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Just add branding

Kiosks4business designer kiosks can be finished to your choice of paint colour along with Vinyl wrap to add your logo or other visual messaging.

What about the software?

Kiosks can be built with Windows/Linux and locked down as required. We can also offer solutions for Wayfinding, Surveys, Payments, Touchscreen menus and much more.


Kiosks4business wall, desk and free-standing touchscreen kiosks has been created from tried and tested technology, packaged to suit many and varied applications.

With a talented team of designers, electronics and software engineers our capability extends to full-custom designs and easy integration of standard and complex technologies as required.

Our products are used by retailers, hotels and leisure, public services & healthcare customers amonst others

Designed and manufactured in the UK

okul touchscreen kiosk with chip and pin

Our prouducts include Wheelchair accessible kiosks, widescreen displays and more creative design ideas such as portrait displays.

Our designers work with aluminuium, plastics and glass to create custom designs for your application. Kiosks4business kiosks are supplied with antibacterial screen coatings as standard and rugged design ensures long-life operation.

Like what you see? Call us on 01189 769088 and find out how we can help with your application.

Public Sector

Touchscreen kiosks are deployed in a variety of locations helping to improve efficiencies in delivering information, gaining feedback from service users and helping with queuing, bill payments and other tasks.

Our new Totem kiosks combine an interactive touchscreen kiosk with a secondary display and has been used to show bus arrival times

Healthcare & NHS

Touchscreens are helping the NHS and other healthcare providers provide healthly living messages to patients, patient check-in and patient feedback surveys.

We apply anti-bacterial coatings and offer wheelchair accessible DDA kiosks

Retail, Hotels & Leisure

Touchscreen kiosks are increasingly deployed to help the sales process for retailers. Show extended ranges of products and help customers to make a purchase decision. Kiosks can be manufactured with high definition screens, and be transaction enabled.

Kiosks are also deployed for hotels, cinemas and other leisure related applications.

Custom Design Kiosks

Whilst our standard kiosks offer many of the configurations required for most applications, there are certain cases where a custom designed kiosk is the best solution.

A custom designed solution starts with your specification to build a kiosk the way youwant it in both look and function. We have developed custom designs for retail, hotels and industrial applications.

Working closely with our customers, we provide photo-realistic images of your product prior to manufacturing to streamline the process and minimise costs along the way.

  • Incorporate specific technologies/devices
  • Get the look you want to fit your brand
  • A unique design
  • Complete project management from prototype to production
  • Unrivalled engineering capability - designers, electronics
  • Elegant kiosks created for you!
Read more about Custom Design Kisosk


Some of the applications our products are used for include:

  • Ticketing & Payments
  • Check-in Arrivals
  • Queue Management
  • Internet Kiosks
  • Touchscreen Surveys
  • Intranet Kiosks
  • Exhibition Kiosks


  • Stylish design to suit any location
  • Add your branding to make it yours
  • Rugged and built to last
  • Integrated computer - we take care of the tech
  • WiFi and 3G options, connected anywhere
  • Wall, floor and desk mounted


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