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Figur Kiosk for ticketing

Posted 26/02/2016

figur ticket printing kiosk

Figur features a portrait oriented screen to keep the kiosk narrow.  The image above shows a few versions of Figur which have been designed to incorporate a ticket or receipt printer.  A wider version is available where the application needs higher volumes of tickets or cards to be printed such as for shows, leisure or sporting events. 

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ACIS dual screen kiosk installed at Samsung Experience Stores

Posted 16/02/2016

The cool looking Acis dual-screen kiosk installed at Samsung Experience Stores.

The Acis kiosks have been installed to provide an enhanced customer experience by implementing a queing system. This project required us to create a seperate printer pod to allow for compatibility with an existing software application.

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Totem Kiosks installed at Staffordshire Council

Posted 16/02/2016

Kiosks4business install new Totem kiosks featuring dual-screen interface. The new kiosks have a touschreen interface for accessing travel and other council information. A second screen mounted higher up provides service users with up to the minute bus arrival times.

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Custom kiosks designed for Bodleian Library

Posted 16/02/2016

We have designed a number of new designs which have now been installed at the Bodleian library. The kiosks include a two-sided free-standing design with large format displays, a custom wooden desk and touchscreen, and a slim desk and touchscreen system installed in a corridor location.

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See Kiosks4business at the Retail Business Technology Expo, Olympia, March 9-10th 2016.

Posted 16/02/2016

Kiosks4business at retail Business Technology Expo

Kiosks4business are, once again exhibiting at the Retail Business Technology Expo, Olympia.  The event held on 9-10th March will showcase Kiosks4business stylish Aspire and Synergy Custom designed kiosks used by retailers, leisure operators and hotels.


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Eidos and Figure kiosks with bar code scanner, mag card reader and printer

Posted 10/02/2016

touchscreen kiosks with printer and magnetic card reader

Both Figur and Eidos kiosks have been cleverly designed to facilitate the installation of a wide variety of optional devices including bar code scanners, magnetic (or RFID) card readers, printers and much more.  The image above shows both Figur and the wheelchair accessible Eidos kiosk built with the same options which includes:

  • Bar code scanner
  • Printer
  • Magnetic card reader
  • Headphone socket

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