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Hotel Check-in for Zleep Hotels

Posted 20/03/2018


We love working with dynamic brands and have had a great time working with the likes of Whitbread Plc (hotel check-in) and Samsung (Retail). So, when Zleep, the Danish hotels group got in touch we knew we were in for something special. Zleep's concept for a new breed of Smart Hotels dovetails with the modern travellers need for overnight stays with convenient locations and hassle-free check-in.


Solution Provided

Keeping with a small footprint while still allowing to add Zleep's ultra-modern branding, our sales team quickly homed in on the FIGUR kiosk. FIGUR sees use in Hotels, Retail and Casinos and, just like many of the Kiosks4business product line, has been designed with a host of high-tech features as standard. White / RGB controllable edge lighting, full-height vinyl branding and 21.5in HD screen with PCAP touchscreen further make the kiosk standout from the crowd.

Working with our FIGUR slim-line kiosk our team seamlessly integrated the existing RFID door key encoder along with LED lighting for adding usability. Connectivity was provided with WiFi, Ethernet and 4G router for WAN failover.

Customer Feedback

When asked to comment about the experience working with Kiosks4business, Mohammed Majed, IT Manager offered some great feedback as to why Zleep chose to work with Kiosks4business:

  • Dedicated staff
  • Professional communication before, in progress, and after "delivery"
  • High end skills for design and engineering
  • Top level service provided all the time
  • Great support team, very important for our 24/7 operation

Deployment and roll-out

The FIGUR kiosks have already been installed across Denmark with plans for more over the next year - exciting times ahead!

Why not book your next stay at a Zleep hotel, visit Zleep Hotels Website.

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New ticketing/gift card dispensing kiosk

Posted 14/02/2018

Kiosks4business expands the range with a brand new Crimson kiosk designed for high volume tickets and card dispensing applications.  The kiosk features full HD 21.5in touchscreen display and can be manufactured with chip&pin, receipt printing, bar code scanner and many more devices.  Crimson is great for branding and also includes RGB controllable edge lighting.


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New - Expansion pods for ACIS

Posted 08/12/2017

Looking for a slim wall mount transaction kiosk?  ACIS now available with optional expansion pods designed to incorporate a range of additional devices including chip & pin, receipt printers, bar code scannner, RFID/Mag card readers and much more. 

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Kiosks4business @ Healthcare Efficiency Through Technology Show, Olympia - September 2017

Posted 29/06/2017

Kiosks4business will be exhibiting at the Healthcare Efficiency Through Technology Show, Olympia London. 

The event - held on the 27th September 2017 - will showcase our touchscreen kiosks to help with patient arrivals check in and queuing through to surveys, information and taking payments with chip and pin.

Come and visit us on Stand H140 to see our kiosks in action, and find out more about they can benefit the NHS environment.

Click here to register

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Kiosks4business @ Retail Business Technology Expo, Olympia - May 2017

Posted 01/03/2017

Kiosks4business will be exhibiting at the Retail Business Technology Expo, Olympia London. 

The event - held on the 8th and 9th May 2017 - will showcase a selection of  Kiosks4business' stylish touschreen kiosks used by retailers, leisure operators and hotels.

Come and visit us on Stand 173 to see the kiosks in action, and find out more about they can benefit your application or establishment. 

Click here to register

Kiosks4business at retail Business Technology Expo

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New ipad Pro kiosk

Posted 03/10/2016

MINIM is the all new tablet kiosk enlcosure built for the iPad Pro.  MINIM secures and protects the 12.9" version of the tablet in an aluminium/steel enclosure which includes power cable.  The free-standing kiosk can be bolted down to the floor for added peace of mind when used in a public environment.

ipad tablet kiosk tablet kiosk payments ipad kiosk screen

MINIM is a great platform for retail POS, in-store restaurant food ordering for traditional and quick service restaurants (QSR).  MINIM can be built as a transactional terminal with integrated chip & pin plus receipt printer.

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Kiosk connectivity over 3G and 4G

Posted 15/03/2016

Many kiosk applications require that the kiosk has an internet connection which may be available via a hardwired network point or the intended location may have WiFi available. For sites where this isn't the case or where wired/WiFi connectivity is not available then a cellular connection is the answer.

Kiosks4business supply fully integrated 3G or 4G routers fitted within the chassis of our kiosks. The routers will connect automatically to a network using a data enabled SIM via EE, Vodafone or other provider. The 4G routers include both Ethernet and WiFi so can be used to act as a WiFi hotspot in addition to providing the internet connectivity to the kiosk. Alternatively the kiosk can be locked down to the router to ensure secure closed system.

3G antenna fitted to kiosk
3G Antenna fits discretely on Eidos kiosk.

Integrated 3G kiosk router
3G Connectivity can offer WiFi hotspot via integrated router

Kiosks4business designers have cleverly incorporated a low profile antenna which is both discrete and vandal resistant while providing a great signal strength for optimum performance. Kiosks can now be placed where they're required rather than tied to building infrastructure.

If you have an application which requires 3G/4G connectivity then call our technical team on 01189 769088.

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Touchscreens and the NHS

Posted 15/03/2016

Touchscreen devices have been around for over two decades now but it’s been the last two years or so that have seen a step change in the use of touchscreen elements as a key part of the human-machine interface. The introduction of the touchscreen phones/tablets and adoption by supermarkets of touchscreen self-checkouts has seen touchscreen devices becoming the norm. Touchscreens are a great way for customers and service users to interact with applications and this article shows some of the applications where the NHS are using touchscreens.

Touchscreen devices come in a number of different types depending on their end-use. Portable devices such as PDA and Mobile Clinical Assistants use small screens, typically between 4 and 12 inches in size with resolutions of around 320x240, 640x480 and up to 1024x768. Larger touchscreen displays are implemented in the form of interactive digital signs and touchscreen kiosks which typically use screens of 19, 22 and 32 inch screens for the kiosks. Interactive digital signs may use larger screens of around 22, 32 or even 42in displays. There are a number of different types of touchscreen technologies and each has its own benefits. For larger displays the touchscreen technology is either very expensive or just unworkable and therefore larger displays typically use infrared touchscreens. Smaller devices may use resistive or projective capacitive touchscreens. Resistive touchscreens will work with finger touches as well as stylus and even gloved hands unlike capacitive which will require physical contact between the user and the touchscreen.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys:
As part of a continued process of improvements it is vital that the NHS gain feedback from service users and staff. Patient satisfaction surveys can be implemented by using portable touchscreens such as the Mobile Clinical Assistants and equally well by fixed machines such as the interactive digital signs and wall or free-standing touchscreen kiosks. The touchscreen surveys are a highly efficient and cost-effective method for collecting patient feedback. Lately, kiosks are increasingly being used to implement Friends and Families test surveys.

Touchscreen kiosks can help free up the time that nurses have to spend with patients. Many NHS hospitals use a paper-based triage system to help nurses provide the correct path as part of the patients care. The e-triage kiosks are fitted near to reception and are used by patients as they arrive. A simple series of questions (available in multiple languages) will help the medical staff to prioritise patients. Patients can also be provided with advice as part of the triage process.

Patient Check-in:
Again, in order to free staff to concentrate on more complex issues many hospitals and doctors surgeries are now moving towards touchscreen based patient self check in systems. These touchscreens are fitted in reception areas and ask just a few questions in order to identify the user. Information such as year of birth, sex, and postcode are usually all that is required to identify the patient and notify reception of their arrival. When not in use, the patient check in kiosks and touchscreens can be used as a digital sign displaying healthcare information and advice.

Wellbeing Kiosks:
These touchscreen kiosks are primarily for providing patients easy and intuitive access to support services available via the internet. The kiosks are setup with a database of services which can be used by patients in support of their illness. The wellbeing information point kiosks can also have an internet telephone which enables service users to make free phone calls to supporting organisations.

Wayfinding in NHS Hospitals
Hospitals are large and complex buildings when you first arrive. The main reception area is typically filled with posters, notices and direction boards and for some users this can present them with information overload. Wayfinding kiosks are free-standing or wall mounted touchscreen kiosks which enable a patient to find the department or room that they need to go to. They can then see a 2D or 3D map which shows them the best route to navigate to their destination. The wayfinding kiosks can also show locations of car parks, bus stops and other public transport links. Wayfinding kiosks can print out a small map to help guide the patient to their appointment.

Touchscreen devices such as Kiosks and interactive digital signs are a way forward for the NHS to help improve service interaction with patients and free-up busy professionals to help improve service levels. Next time you visit an NHS building see how many touchscreens you notice.

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New! Kendo kiosk - widescreen large format touchscreen

Posted 14/03/2016

kendo 32in widescreen hd touchscreen kiosk

The photo above shows the new Kendo kiosk with 32in widescreen display, next to the Eidos (22in widescreen version).

Kendo is the all new large format widescreen kiosk designed by Kiosks4business.  Kendo features the same great styling as used by our ever popular Eidos (Wheelchair accessible kiosk) whilst being designed to use a choice of 32in or 42in screen sizes.   HD screens installed as standard provides 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution with crystal clear clarity making it great for digital signage, retail and wayfinding applications.  Kendo can be manufactured in any RAL colour and include your branding.  Fitted with multi-touch touchscreen and your choice of computing platform - based on Intel I3/I5/I7.  Connectivity is provided by wired ethernet connection, WiFi or 3G/4G.

Just like our other concept kiosks, Kendo is pre-designed ready for bar code scanners, chip & pin, printers and many other options for demanding applications.





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Wellbeing Information Point kiosks

Posted 14/03/2016

wellbeing information point for touchscreen kiosks An attract loop runs to encourage use of the kiosk. The attract loop includes your branding and photos.

Wellbeing Information Point main menu The main menu is displayed when a user touches the touchscreen. The main menu buttons can be updated as you wish using the content management system

Wellbeing Information Point list page A list of options is shown for a user to select from

Wellbeing Information Point portal page The website, form, video or other content appears within the framework.

For NHS and other healthcare providers, Wellbeing Information Point is a convenient application running on Kiosks4business touchscreen kiosks to deliver access to health information.  The software will run on on any of our touchscreen kiosks with a choice of 19in, 22in, 32in and larger touchscreens.  Wellbeing Information Point is a portal to web-based information and can be used to present websites, online forms, PDF and other documents as we ass access to surveys (Friends and Family test etc).

As with all Kiosks4business products, Wellbeing Information Point is brandable and additionally comes with a cloud-based Content Management System for easy updating.  The software is quickly deployable to one or more kiosk and shows an attract loop (similar to a digital sign) when not being accessed by a customer.

Even though the information you want to provide has already been defined during the project, part of the product includes a very powerful tool for managing information availability on your system. The centralised web-based Management Console controls all the touchscreens in your network, and typically is controlled by an administrator in your organisation. This centralised approach means the control of many tens of screens – an otherwise daunting prospect, is now a very simple task indeed, and administrators soon get the hang of keeping their information right up to date.

All user interactions with Wellbeing Information Point are anonymously recorded, revealing what information was provided, when, and on what machine. These records can reveal trends about what people are interested in, and can help optimise the system to provide even more of the same type of information for example. These usage statistics can also be downloaded in common presentation or spreadsheet formats for analysis elsewhere in your authority, and as a feedback for optimising the information on your system.

Wellbeing Information Point has been adopted by the NHS, and is providing information to service users in hospitals, including Accident & Emergency departments, Day Care centres within Mental Health services, and in GP’s surgeries. Once set up and running, Wellbeing Information Point is low in total cost, easy to administer, and reliable. Users feel empowered to help themselves without stigma, enjoy the freedom to choose how they receive information.



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Touchscreen kiosks for museums

Posted 03/03/2016

In Museums, touch screen kiosks can be used to help make your exhibits come alive with interactive tours, explanations and links to other learning materials. Touch screen museum kiosks enable you to expand the range of exhibits with photographs of related items and short video clips.  Within Art Galleries touchscreens can be used to show information about art history, information about the artists and related stories. The art gallery kiosks can show close-up images of sculptures and other art and help to inform and educate your visitors.

Acis wall mounted dual screen kiosk

Acis dual (or single) screen wall mounted kiosk can be used as a digital sign.

Eidos wheelchair accessible DDA kiosk 19 to 42in screen

Eidos is a wheelchair accessible kiosk with mutli-touch screen and screen sizes from 19in up to the Kendo version 32/42in screens.

Kiosks4business Acis and Eidos models are great platforms for use within the Museum sector.  Eidos (and Kendo) are DDA compliant wheelchair accessible kiosk designs with screen sizes ranging from 19in all the way up to high definition 42in models.  The kiosks feature superior screens and high quality multi-touch touchscreens.  For wall mounted positions or where digital signage is a requirement the Acis model is a great choice.  With slim width to maximise space for exhibits, Acis can be built with single or dual screen where the lower screen includes a touchscreen for interaction and the upper screen can be used as a digital sign.  Additionally Acis can be built to include audio, headphone socket and many other options.  Both models can be manufactured with your choice of colour and include your branding.

There are always some areas where the materials and finish need to suit their environment moreso that standard Aluminium finished kiosks.  Our recent project installed at the Bodleian library in Oxford involved the design of a completely bespoke wooden table along with enclosures with widescreen displays. 


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Concept kiosks suit many applications

Posted 03/03/2016

Introducing the Concept range of configurable touchscreen kiosks. We recognised early on that very few customers require base models of kiosks and many require the addition of bar code scanners, printers, keyboards and other options. Therefore we have designed a number of configurable base model concepts which can be customised with a wide range of additional options. Featuring the same high quality screens and multi-touch touchscreen along with Kiosks4business approved electronics and software expertise, the concept ranges include Eidos, Figur, Acis, Totem, Kendo and Hub models.

Start with the base model requirement - Wall mounted, free standing, DDA compliant kiosks, dual screen versions etc and specify all of the additional devices required for the application - predesigned for quick turnaround.

Whilst some applications are destined for a full-custom solution, it is often desirable to build a development / testing platform using one of the standard kiosk building blocks. Thie ensures applications developers have representative hardware quickly to speed time to market.

touchscreen kiosks with printer and magnetic card reader
Eidos and Figure kiosks both manufactured with identical options - magnetic card reader, printer and headphone socket.

Eidos kiosk built with high performance RFID scanner for library application
An Eidos kiosk manufactured with a high performance RFID scanner and Chip & Pin unit, designed for a library application.




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Eidos kiosk for Torridge Council

Posted 01/03/2016

touchscreen kiosk delivered to Torridge Council

New 22in widescreen Eidos delivered to Torridge Council includes InformationPoint software.  Another Eidos delivered into the public sector, this time being used by Torridge Council.  This particular Eidos includes a widescreen display with multitouch touchscreen.

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Figur Kiosk for ticketing

Posted 26/02/2016

figur ticket printing kiosk

Figur features a portrait oriented screen to keep the kiosk narrow.  The image above shows a few versions of Figur which have been designed to incorporate a ticket or receipt printer.  A wider version is available where the application needs higher volumes of tickets or cards to be printed such as for shows, leisure or sporting events. 

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ACIS dual screen kiosk installed at Samsung Experience Stores

Posted 16/02/2016

The cool looking Acis dual-screen kiosk installed at Samsung Experience Stores.

The Acis kiosks have been installed to provide an enhanced customer experience by implementing a queing system. This project required us to create a seperate printer pod to allow for compatibility with an existing software application.

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Totem Kiosks installed at Staffordshire Council

Posted 16/02/2016

Kiosks4business install new Totem kiosks featuring dual-screen interface. The new kiosks have a touschreen interface for accessing travel and other council information. A second screen mounted higher up provides service users with up to the minute bus arrival times.

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Custom kiosks designed for Bodleian Library

Posted 16/02/2016

We have designed a number of new designs which have now been installed at the Bodleian library. The kiosks include a two-sided free-standing design with large format displays, a custom wooden desk and touchscreen, and a slim desk and touchscreen system installed in a corridor location.

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See Kiosks4business at the Retail Business Technology Expo, Olympia, March 9-10th 2016.

Posted 16/02/2016

Kiosks4business at retail Business Technology Expo

Kiosks4business are, once again exhibiting at the Retail Business Technology Expo, Olympia.  The event held on 9-10th March will showcase Kiosks4business stylish Aspire and Synergy Custom designed kiosks used by retailers, leisure operators and hotels.


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Eidos and Figure kiosks with bar code scanner, mag card reader and printer

Posted 10/02/2016

touchscreen kiosks with printer and magnetic card reader

Both Figur and Eidos kiosks have been cleverly designed to facilitate the installation of a wide variety of optional devices including bar code scanners, magnetic (or RFID) card readers, printers and much more.  The image above shows both Figur and the wheelchair accessible Eidos kiosk built with the same options which includes:

  • Bar code scanner
  • Printer
  • Magnetic card reader
  • Headphone socket

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Eidos kiosks on their way to Hounslow CCG

Posted 16/01/2016

More Eidos kiosks about to leave production on their way to Hounslow CCG.  These kiosks include the 19in screen with antibacterial coating and InformationPoint software.  The kiosks are connected via WiFi or using the optional 3G router installed within the kiosk.


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Eidos kiosk with Chip & pin for PartyDelights

Posted 12/12/2015

part delights kiosk

PartyDelights provides fancy dress, personalised cards and pretty much everything to get a party started!  Kiosks4business manufactured a semi-custom version of our Eidos kiosk to include a chip & pin unit for payments.  The kiosk shown includes a blue vinyl to incorporate the companies branding.


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Eidos Kiosks installed at Thirteen Group, Middlesbrough

Posted 25/10/2015

Three new Eidos kiosks installed at Rivers House in Middlesbrough.  The kiosks help tenants find social housing and use the clients website and other resources in support.


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Eidos kiosks installed at Bristol NHS Trust

Posted 26/06/2015

Wheelchair accessible, Eidos is the preferred choice of many NHS organisations requiring touchscreen kiosks. Kiosks4business Eidos kiosks installed at Bristol NHS trust featuring custom vinyl branding and antibacterial coating.

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hub by Premier Inn

Posted 15/06/2015

hub by premier inn kiosks by Kiosks4business hotel touchscreen kiosks designed by Kiosks4business

hub by Premier Inn is a new urban hotel for those looking for style and location at the right price. With cleverly crafted rooms, the latest technology and artisan deli, this boutique-style hotel has it all.

Currently open in London, Covent Garden and Tower Bridge, new hub hotels will be opening soon in LondonBrick Lane and Edinburgh Royal Mile. More locations to follow next year.

Kiosks4business have designed the all new hub Kiosks featuring stylish looks, chip & pin with printer and colour changing RGB lighting.

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Kiosks for digital signage

Posted 09/03/2015

There are numerous applications for great looking digital signage products and Kiosks4business have a number of options from our standard range - Acis, Totem or custom designs.  The digital signs feature high definition screens in a variety of sizes from 21.5in upwards including 32 and 42in screens.  Kiosks4business signage has been used for bus arrivals times, wayfinding and much more.

Some examples of the digital signs can be seeen below:

Staffordshire council INTO service

Staffordshire council bus arrivals signage

Digital sign at Bodleian library, Oxford

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Virtual reception kiosk

Posted 23/02/2015

Our Virtual Reception software deployed on a new taller Eidos kiosk. The kiosk has been built with 19in screen and 80mm thermal printer which is used to print visitor labels.

The Virtual Reception software includes Texting feature which sends text messages to staff members when a visitor arrives.

Tags: ticket printer tall eidos kiosks virtual reception 

Eidos kiosk DDA or tall versions

Posted 21/01/2015

eidos dda kiosk with taller version

The ever popular Eidos kiosk (designed specifically to address the requirement for wheelchair accessibility) now has a big brother! The all new taller version benefits from all of the same great features found on the DDA model but can be used to provide an additional screen height for service users.

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Library Kiosks

Posted 09/09/2014
touchscreen kiosk for library dda library kiosk

Kiosks4business were asked to design a variant of the Eidos DDA kiosk to be used in libraries.  The brief was to include payment, receipt printing along with a high sensitivity RFID reader capable of scanning the tags in the library books.  The RFID reader itself acts as a shelf to put the books on.  Eidos was selected as one of a limited number of truly wheelchair accessible designs.

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Touchscreen NHS check-in kiosks with privacy filters

Posted 01/01/2014

wall mounted kiosks with privacy filter for NHS

The myKiosk wall mounted touchscreen kiosks shown here are installed at St Mary's hospital in London.  These kiosks help manage the flow of visitors to the clinic and provide a check-in / arrivals processing system asking patients a few questions to help prioritise patients.  The kiosks are wall mounted with acrylic bezel and a privacy filter was fitted as the kiosks are physically mounted adjacent to one another.

The kiosks inlcude a vandal resistant steel keyboard and are locked-down to prevent unauthorised accesss using SiteKiosk software.

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