Patient Feedback Survey Kiosks

Using survey kiosks for patient opinions

The NHS Patient Satisfaction Survey Kiosks can be located on wards or in the main reception area of hospitals and provide patient feedback using touchscreen kiosks. Patient feedback kiosks provide a convenient, quick and easy method for patients and staff to consult on changes and service offerings. Touchscreens remove the necessity for paper based surveys which are often slower, more expensive and take more resources to manage. What\'s more, touchscreen patient surveys can be updated when you wish and run at certain times of day, week or year.

Surveypoint Kiosk Surveys Patient Feedback

Using SurveyPoint, our online Consultation and Surveys management software in combination with our touch screen kiosks we can easily create bespoke patient surveys which run on the touchscreen kiosk and can also be accessed online and on portable devices.

Surveypoint Survey Kiosk Benefits

* Create surveys in minutes
* Easy to use for you and your patients
* Advanced reporting
* Accessible

When not being used to provide patient satisfaction surveys the kiosk can also enable patients to interact with a wide range of health information or make free phone calls for support and advice from many sources.

Surveypoint Kiosk Software features:

* Designed specifically for touch screen kiosks
* Surveys can be completed quickly
* Run multiple surveys simultaneously
* Integrates with our Wellbeing Information Point software
* Web-based administration console, no software to load on your computer
* Surveys are created using an intuitive step by step process
* Include your own branding, images and other styles
* Range of question types including:
�* Multiple choice
�* Matrix of Choices
�* Text based feedback
�* Preference range
* Skip logic - Question routing based on previous answers
* Run surveys online as well as on the kiosk
* Exportable results
* Training for your staff
* No specialist knowledge required
* Survey template designed for your application

NHS Patient Satisfaction Survey Kiosks

Patient feedback kiosks are fully branded to suit their location and can also include a telephone handset for patients to provide recorded feedback of their experiences. The NHS Patient Satisfaction Survey Kiosks can be used by Patients and also by visitors and relatives of patients to record feedback on many issues relating to the site and care provided.


* NHS Patient Satisfaction Surveys * CAMHS teams surveys * Mental Health

Touchscreen Kiosk Options

Patient Satisfaction Survey Kiosks can be desk mounted, wall mount or free standing and additionally be built into one of our kiosk towers to act as a central \'information point\' for patients and visitors.

Total Service

Our customer support team, combined with our field-based technicians excel in providing proactive management of systems and work closely with sites to ensure all staff members are bought-in to using the technology.

We provide all of the services you require to run a succesful system for many years. We include project management, design, installation, training, maintenance and ongoing support and we can also provide a broadband internet connection if you prefer not to use your existing network.

If you would like more information about our Patient Satisfaction Survey Kiosks then please call us on 0845 451 2020.

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