Customer Services

Councils operate a wide range of services to their residents and require kiosks which are easy to use whilst having the capability to provide access to all services and bill payments.

Our customer services kiosks are available as wall, desk or free standing kiosks and can provide web-based information on council services - benefits, council tax, housing planning etc.

The customer services softare features a colourful attract loop to encourage use of the system. The attract loop includes a messaging system to provide news and topical information to residents. The customer services kiosk can be used for online bill payements for council tax and other bills. There\'s also telephone handset if the user would rather speak with a person directly.


  • Reduce queuing times
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Provide wider range of services
  • Integrated handset to speak to a person
  • Desk, wall or free-standing kiosks
  • Kiosks are fully branded to your specification

Our kiosk software provides the following additional functionality:
Email Me: Users can enter their email address and the system will forward the website address of the website they viewed on the kiosk

Printing: Users can pring web pages, forms and other information to take away with them.

Kiosk Towers
For the ultimate in customer services kiosk take a look at our kiosk towers. These are available in 3, 4 or more sided structures where each side can have a choice of kiosk, leaflet rack or digital signage. Our kiosk towers have fully branded plastics so that they can fit well with your corporate identity.

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