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Patient Information Point
Patient Information Point has been designed in response to the need for more efficient use of staff at surgeries. Providing the facility to deliver a patient call system and the provision of generalised information such as NHS lifecheck to patients waiting for their appointments. Patient information point works well with existing systems such as the NHS lifecheck initiative.
kiosks4business has used its myframework common framework to provide a set of wide ranging features for a surgery as follows:

Integrated Patient Appointment System
The web-based Patient Appointment works from any standard pc screen and allows reception staff to enter, delete, modify the details of any appointment that a registered patient wishes to make. New patients can be added using this console as well as being able to import patient lists from other database sources. If a patient\\'s e-mail address or text number is included in his details a message can be sent to either service to confirm or remind customers of their appointment as well as to advise customers that they have missed their appointment.

Patient Check-In Screen
One of our compact mykiosk touchscreen systems is employed as the check-in system. There is a built in attract loop which is designed to be attractive and provides direct access to a choice of languages. The attract loop is the default screen and appears after a timeout after the last user has finished using the screen. Once touched the system takes the user directly to a check-in screen where he can check himself in by means of a few quick touches. The system provides a wealth of other related information for users to look at after they have checked in and the most popular information that people look at can be used to drive the content on the larger screen in the waiting room.

Patient Queuing System
We have taken the concept of automated patient check-in and improved it further. Once a patient has checked in they move from the appointment queue to the checked-in queue. The checked-in queue is managed by each practitioner using another screen based tool. By pressing the \\"next patient\\" button on his PC screen the system automatically sends a message to the patient information screen in the waiting room which invites the next patient to proceed to his GP appointment.

Patient Information Screen
The Patient Information Screen is a large format display screen which is located in the patient waiting room. The screen has two modes; patient call and attract loop mode. When a patient is called by a GP there is a discrete tone to call attention and the screen displays the patient\\'s name along with the GP\\'s name underneath. After a short timeout the screen returns to attract loop mode. In attract loop mode the screen plays out information useful to patients, for example how to get flu jabs or clinics in the local area. The attract loop is configurable by a web-based management console and so can be kept up to date easily. The screen itself is bright and clear. It has a custom designed fascia with the practice name and logo printed on it\\'s front surface. An option with the Patient Information Screen is to integrate an annunciator which, via a loudspeaker, then verbalises the patient call, avoiding the normally unclear, unintelligible, patient calls more familiar today.

Optionally, other kiosk4business functional modes can be incorporated within the system. SurveyPoint for example, when incorporated, could very simply ask your patients a few simple questions about the service they received at the Surgery.

If you would like further information about using touchscreens in doctors and hospital waiting rooms then please call us today on 01189 769088.

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