ANNOUNCE24 content management system cms designed touchscreen interfaces


ANNOUNCE24 has been developed specifically to enable delivery of information and user feedback simple and intuitive. Honed over many years, ANNOUNCE24 provides a comprehensive platform for service providers to implement 'digital first' interfaces to service users.

Showcase products and services using web, multimedia, forms, documents and surveys all with complete control via online Content Management System.

Expandable with optional feature modules, Announce24 can grow to suit the needs of your service users. Modules include Surveys, Events, Welcome screen, Staff Directory, with more in development.

Announce24 sees use in many varied applications including:

  • Councils - customer service, housing, reception areas
  • Education facilities - Schools, Colleges and universities
  • Museums - showcase collections and other information
  • NHS - delivering healtcare information in hospitals and doctors surgeries
  • Companies - showcase products and services, intranet access


Anytime, Anywhere:
Your ANNOUNCE24 project can be deployed to Phones, Tablets, Touchscreen Kiosks and Digital signs ensuring your message gets seen 24/7/365.

Focused on results:
ANNOUNCE24 enables content to be deployed to specific kiosks and devices ensuring services are targetted to the right people in the right place.

Safe and Secure:
Kiosks and digital signs can be'locked down' to prevent unauthorised access. User and administrator activity history built in.

Return on Investment:
Customers using ANNOUNCE24 free-up receptionists, sales, and service delivery teams to concentrate on actions which add real value, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Easy access to information for Service users
  • Touch-screen driven and clearly laid out
  • Most information is just three screen touches away
  • Colourful and dynamic interface that won't intimidate even the most inexperienced user
  • Purpose-designed software that's fully featured yet simple and user-friendly
  • Attractive hardware with clear, simple controls

Providing access in three easy steps

From approaching the kiosk, the user is directed to the relevant information in three steps: attract loop, landing page and portal page.


Designed from the outset for easy expansion of features, chose from the available modules to further enhance your system.

Events Module

Want your customers to know where to find you Advertise events with dates, photos and links to the events you're attending.

Welcome Board

Use additional screens to welcome named visitors to your organisation. Add dates, meeting titles and list visitors to appear on your welcome board. Works great with second screen using the screens module.

Screens Module

Easily and quickly re-deploy content including images and video to additional screens. Combine with our events and welcome board modules to showcase product and services whilst welcoming visitors.


Create touchscreen-friendly surveys with advanced routing logic, wide range of question types including images and exportable results.

Staff Directory

Add members of staff to show who's who to service users.

Attract Loop

The attract loop runs on the kiosk until the user touches the screen. The attract loop includes logo, background image, RSS news feed and updatable content with your images uploaded.

Examples of the Attract loop:

Language Selection and menuing

After touching the screen on the attract loop, the user is presented with an optional screen showing language selections. Administrators of the system are able to chose from a wide range of language options which will be displayed here.

Example Language Selection Screen:

Menuing System:
Announce24 is designed to make the user journey as simple as possible and therefore a soft-limit of 9 main menu buttons is shown prior to proceeding to the next level. The menu buttons include a title and brief description. Styling can be changed per button with button shape and colour or by using background images.
Examples of the menu pages
Portal Page
The portal page provides access to the website, image gallery, PDF or other document.


Announce24 is built for muti-user login where an administrator can add additional users to the system. Users can be set as other adminstrators or with limited access.


Announce24 uses kiosk 'lock-down' software to ensure that the user interface and operating system is protected against malicious use. The lock-down software will provide a full-screen browser interface and limit the websites use to those allowed within the system only.

Expansion Modules

  • Multiview:

    Allows for customisation of local content at each kiosk. Set navigation buttons to appear on all, some or individual kiosks making it easy to show local information along with wider ranging services. Many multiview groups can be created where specific users have access only to certain navigation buttons for editing.

  • Language Selection:

    Multi-language support is offered as an option within Announce24. The service uses Google Translate as a method of translating the content as the webpage is rendered on screen. Many languages can be offered using this solution and more popular one's are displayed for you to select from. The multi-language selection is available from the Modules drop-down menu. Simply tick the languages which are required as part of your Announce24 system. If more than one language option has been selected then the Announce24 software will automatically display a list of available languages between the Attract Loop and Main menu selection pages.

  • Surveys: Create and publish surveys to specific kiosks. Surveys can be setup to run on certain days or periods and all data is made availabel within the content management system. See responses in real-time and export to excel for further analysis. Surveys module includes all commonly used question types including preference ranges and the use of images for survey responses. Branch and skip logic plyus mandatory question types are all available.

  • Events:

    Events can be added and will appear within the attract loop. Furthrmore, an additional 'Events' button will appear on the main menu which will take the user to a page showcasing upcomming events. Add events to the project with title, description, start and end dates and further details including external web link. Users can also associate an image collection with an event to show promotional photos.

  • Meetings:

    Add meetings to Announce24 and welcome visitors to your organisation. The meeting details will be displayed within the attract loop and you can add meeting title, times and details of the visitors coming to the meeting. Ten input fields are provided to add visitor names however, the system provides for more to be added simply by adding commas between names. The meeting will only appear on the attract loop shortly before, during and 15 mins after the end of the meeting.

  • Staff Directory:

    With staff directory module additional staff members can be added to the system and an extra button appears on the main menu - 'Staff Directory'. Various information can be shown to the end user including - job titles, department, email address and a photo. Each aspect is selectable in the Staff Directory settings page accessible from 'Modules -> Staff Directory'.

Staff Directory

Add members of staff to the staff directory along with Job titles, department and contact details. Staff directory also allows for uploading staff photos.

Surveys Module

Create and deploy surveys.
With the ANNOUNCE24 surveys module, forms, surveys and other feedback interfaces can be created with responses available in real-time.

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