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Touchscreen Kiosks for Courts

Working with the Early Years and Family Information Services departments for many councils in England and Wales Kiosks4Business have developed a comprehensive solution for delivering access to information and services for clients. The systems are designed specifically to meet the needs of those of lower literacy skills by providing an intuitive and colourful touch screen interface.

Designed for use in courts, the Court Information Point Kiosks have been created to provide access to a wide range of supporting services for youth and other offenders. Additionally they can provide information for Parents, carers and other visitors at the courts.

Our touch screen information point systems provide a comprehensive service to all of your customers and helps to guide them to the information or point of contact they are looking for. From the outset the system is designed to engage with the user by using bright colours, simple messaging and easy to use touch-screen interface. Use of the optional ‘warm phone’ enables your customers to talk to a real person and enables the system to operate as a 'virtual receptionist'. The court information point kiosks has an email feature which enables the user to receive an email with a link to the website they were viewing on the kiosk such that they can get further information outside of the court.

Our systems can provide help with housing for one user, information on benefits available for the next and take payments of outstanding fines for another. What’s more – when not in use it acts as a digital sign showing messages in a colourful ‘attract loop’. The attract loop also includes the ability to show editable messages which appear at each kiosk. The court information point kiosk will help young offenders by providing them with access to the numerous agencies that are there to support them.

Information on the kiosks is managed using a remotely hosted content management system. The content management system enables the system administrator to modify navigation button text, add new website links and administer other functions of the system. The court information point kiosks can provide usage stats so you can see what websites have been accessed as well as the use of the warm phone and other functions.

Our court information kiosks also feature a fully branded digitally back-printed acrylic facia that can be customised with logos and colours to suit each location. The facias can include branding showing a multi-agency approach to providing the information kiosks.

Main Features:

  • Attract loop provides branding and messaging to encourage use
  • Telephone handset touchscreen-driven phone for low cost calls
  • Printer to print the information to take away
  • Email me: users can receive an email linking to the content of interest
  • Real-time usage statistics create your own usage reports
  • Green credentials: our systems are low power and automatically turn on and off each day
  • Branding kiosk colour and plastic facia can be branded to suit
  • Touch-screen kiosks Wall, Desk or free-standing

Key Benefits:

  • Acts as a focus point for young offenders to start looking at solutions to their problems.
  • Deliver efficient, high quality and effective customer service with common branding across all locations.
  • Dynamic content provision which can be updated whenever you wish.
  • Usage statistics – what are your customers looking for? How well are you doing


Our public information point software is designed for use with touch screen kiosks. Our touch screen kiosks can be wall- or desk-mounting as well as free-standing. Designed to be silent in operation and with low power consumption, they are reliable and unobtrusive.

They also provide maximum branding opportunity by employing a digitally back-printed acrylic fascia. Our kiosks feature vandal resistant stainless steel keyboards with integrated trackball, touchscreen and warm phone. The systems can be connected using your existing IT infrastructure or we can supply broadband connections and implement all connectivity for you.

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