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Survey Kiosks for online Surveys

Survey Kiosks

Customer Survey kiosks are computer terminals with consumer feedback software installed onto them. The surveys can be remotely accessed and controlled at a central computer. Which means that the kiosks doesn’t have to be disturbed when you want to view the survey statistics, and new surveys can be added without physical access to the kiosk.

Positioning your survey kiosk

The kiosk should be installed in a very visible and user friendly location. Gathering customer feedback at the point of experience or point of sale might be advantageous to you, so locating the Customer Survey kiosk near the exit or close to the tills would encourage users to complete the survey before they leave the shop.

Survey Kiosk Styles

Kiosks are available in different styles, which usually include free-standing, wall mounted, portable and desk mounted designs. You should easily be able to find a suitable kiosk to meet your locations requirements without compromising on space.

Customer Survey and Feedback Kiosks can help you SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) for your Business.

Survey Kiosk Software

Survey kiosk software is designed specifically to run on touchscreen kiosks. The survey software creates colourful and large buttons for easy use on the touchscreen. Survey software should be easy to administer and create reports.

Strengths and Weaknesses within the Business
Surveys will highlight your achievements and downfalls in the eyes of the customers.

Knowing your strengths is great, however there’s no time to bask in your achievements, it’s time come up with ideas to emphasise strengths and improve further.

The British public are known for their stiff upper lip and their reluctance to complain, but that doesn’t mean that they put up with bad customer service. It pays to listen to the Customers because they vote with their feet and if you have not given the customer what they want, they probably wont be visiting you again. The survey will unearth your weaknesses, once you know what your customers would like you to do; you can fulfil their wishes.

Opportunities and Threats
It’s difficult to prepare for opportunities and treats in business, however surveys can bring you your attention shifts in trends. If the survey shows a move towards a particular path, this might be the first indication of changes you need to make in your business.

The survey results might also unearth new threats on the horizon, and offer you more time to change your business strategy to divert the threat.

Customer Survey and Feedback Kiosks

Customer Survey and Feedback Kiosk offer an excellent solution for gathering marketing information and research from your existing customers at the time when they are using your business and whilst their opinions are still fresh in their minds.

Paper surveys can be distributed but the number of retained surveys is a very low percentage, because the survey is forgotten by the time the consumer has left the premises. Additionally, with paper surveys they are costs in compiling the data collected.

Online surveys are a step up in that you don’t incur cost for compiling the data, and the statistics and results can be viewed whilst the survey in still in progress. However, this method still relies on notifying the customer of the website where they can find the survey. The percentage of people accessing survey websites is still much lower than the numbers of applicants that complete surveys at a Customer Survey and Feedback Kiosk which is accessible on location.

Offering a discount incentive has also proven to be a winner to encourage consumers to participate in submitting their views to the survey kiosks.

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