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More Control For Doctors

However, giving more control to the doctors also means that more responsibility is put on doctor’s surgeries to fulfil all patients’ healthcare needs including health education, information as well as practical healthcare.

Much of the education and health information is freely available within the NHS and on doctor’s surgery websites. Doctors surgeries and health centres have been swift to embrace the internet, realising the opportunity to distribute healthcare information to its patients cheaply and easily.

Most healthcare education is needed in less prosperous areas of society. People from under privileged backgrounds tend to have poorer health and a poorer understanding of the simple changes in lifestyle and diet than can bring better health.

However, a massive 40% of society still doesn’t have access to the internet. Statistics highlight this forty percent to be made up of the elderly and families on low incomes. Sadly these are the people who are most in need of the health education and information that is displayed on doctors and health centres websites.

To reach these members of society, touch screen kiosks can be installed into doctor’s waiting room, and health centre reception areas. A touch screen kiosk can enable patients registered at the surgery to access the information provided on the website.

Touch screen kiosks are user friendly and unlike computers, users don’t need to have any prior experience or training to quickly get to grips with how to access the information held on the kiosk. The screens have very clear, bold buttons and to ‘get around’ patients simply press what they see to get to where they want to go – want to know about flu jabs? Press the button that says flu jabs.

Although, the helpfulness of kiosks doesn’t stop there, once a health centre or doctors surgery has a kiosk terminal installed in the building, the kiosks can offer patients may other services.

Kiosks can not only provide information on-screen, but it can send patients information in the form of SMS text messages directly to their mobile phone, by email to their email address, or it can print out information. Having the opportunity to send requested information in a digital format is cost effective because it reduces the cost of paper, printing or leaflets. Furthermore that information can be updated any time by the surgeries team. This is a simple procedure after minimal training.

The kiosk can also gather information and feedback about how the surgery is performing from the patient’s perspective in the form of patient feedback surveys.

The kiosks can also have a repeat prescription function where by patients can request a repeat prescription by filling in an online form. This frees up the time of the reception staff for more complex patient requests.

Doctor surgery kiosks also gather statistics about the trends of users that are accessing information. This offers insight to what patients want and the types of information that they are looking for, helping you to cater for their needs and provide more in-depth information where needed.

New software for kiosks is being developed all the time to meet the requirements of the medical services. With more health departments realising the possibilities of touch screen kiosks and the benefits that they bring to both the patients and the medical team, kiosks are going to become a common feature in bringing health education information to patients in the healthcare services.

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