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Kiosks for Bus Stations

Bus Time Tables
The kiosk can show all of the bus companies timetables on screen. A print button on the touch screen allows the kiosk to dispense printouts of requested timetables for people to take away with them.

Route Maps
The kiosk shows on screen route maps so that user can see the route the bus will take. The route map has a zoom function so that people with impaired vision can see the route clearly.

Route Planner
This is a facility where but a user can enter their journey starting location and their end destination and the information point suggest the bus or busses that the customer needs to catch in order to reach their destination. The route planner results are printable so that the user can take the information away with them.

Day Trips and Bus Tours
Busses and coaches offer one-off day tips to the seaside and shows during the year. The kiosks could display information about the day trips and display information about the trip, price, times, availability, booking forms etc. Additionally the kiosk could display a slide show of images of the day trip destination or event.

Money Saving Tickets
This area of the kiosk shows the money saving tickets available amongst the bus companies that frequent the bus station. ‘The Day Rider’ and ’The week Tripper’ for example.

Park and Ride
The kiosk would display information for all of the ‘Park and Rides’ in the county or those that would be most used by customers that frequent this bus station.

The information about Park and Rides would include a map of where the park and ride was, the times that the busses ran, the ETA of busses to the final destination and the cost for using this facility.

Bus News
Bus services and companies often have ‘Bus News’ that would be of local interest and particularly to customer who rely on busses as their only form of transport. The kiosk has a section containing all of the resent bus news and information.

Job Vacancies at the Bus Station
The kiosks can advertise job vacancies within the bus station and recruit employees. The kiosk can have an online form which users can submit their details for jobs advertised on the kiosk.

Digital Signage and Advertising
For those moments when no one is accessing the kiosk, the screen become a digital advertising sign that has preloaded adverts, information notices, videos and bus news. The contents of the adverts can be changed easily whenever needed with a CMS system which gives you full control over the kiosk’s advertising.

You could also sell advertising space to local business and companies, and show their adverts in the kiosk, which would bring in revenue to the bus station.

Tourist Information
The kiosk would show local tourist information with places to visit – museums, galleries, parks, monuments, the coast and other areas of local interest. For each place of interest there would be further information about the venue and would also include travel information – which bus to catch and a printable time table of the running times of that particular bus route.

This is particularly useful to tourists and people who are new to the area, but it also help people who would have the confidence or knowledge of how to get to these destinations on the busses.

Customer Survey

The kiosks can monitor customer satisfaction of the bus station and bus services with an on screen customer survey. All the complete surveys have their data stored and the details of the data can access from a computer so that the results can be analysed.

Multi-Faced Kiosks
Bus stations are busy places with a high volume of on foot traffic seeking information about busses and services and a single kiosk would probably not be enough to provide valuable information to every customer needing assistance. However, multi-faced kiosks are available with two or three screens. The dual screened kiosks design is a triangular shape so that two sides carry a screen and the third side is against a wall. This is a space saving design, which also provides the customer some privacy when accessing the kiosk, in the other user can not see what information they are viewing.

The milti-faced kiosk with three screens is also a triangular shape and is designed to be situated in the centre of an area, making it a dramatic focal point.

The multi-faced kiosks can incorporate a lower screen for users in wheel chairs making them very user friendly.

Because the kiosks will be situated in a public space they are made to withstand heavy usage, and have the same design principles as the rugged kiosks. Additionally the bus station kiosks have protective rubber attached to them to avoid members of the public accidentally injuring themselves on the kiosks.

On-Vehicle Digital Signage
Bus station kiosks can also be combined with in-bus advertising and information systems which could even provide internet connectivity for those on the bus. The on-vehicle systems can include GPS so that they can show advertising related to specific areas along the journey. By adding Bluetooth wireless networking your passengers can also download vouchers and other offers.

Bus stops themselves can also go high-tech with the addition of ruggedised touchscreen information points and digital signs.

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