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Kiosks Definitions & Terminology

Bespoke Kiosks
A kiosk that has been designed especially for you. This mean that the appearance of the kiosk is bespoke, or the kiosks software is.

Custom Kiosks
See Bespoke kiosks

Data Capture Kiosks
This is a kiosk that can collect the information that the users type in. This might be answers to survey questions or simply users email addresses.

Desk Mounted Kiosk
This is a kiosk that is mounted onto a desk, so the user can sit at the kiosk. This is ideal when you are expecting the kiosk to be used for long periods.

Digital Signage
Digital signs are seen in numerous locations for example in shopping centres.

Digital Signage Software
Digital signage software enables the system administrator to add content and schedule the delivery of this content to one or more displays. The signage software will provide functionality for still images, audio, video and power point style media.

Free Standing Kiosk
A free-standing kiosk is designed with a base or stand so that it doesn’t need a desk or a wall as a fixing point. Free-standing kiosks are usually of a height so that they can be accessed by an adult.

Gamer Tower Kiosks
A gamer tower kiosks is a solution to protect gaming consoles in public spaces such as youth clubs or children’s hospital wards.

Health Kiosks
This refers to a kiosk that runs a health application, which involves displaying health information.

Hospital Kiosks
Hospital Kiosks are terminals that are located in hospitals. These kiosk are sometimes health information points or they are terminals where a user can report a crime to the police (Usually located in A&E wards of hospitals)

Industrial Kiosks
Industrial kiosks are heavy-duty rugged machines that can be used in the industrial workplace. The applications on the kiosk are usually bespoke depending on the industry.

Information Point kiosk
This is a kiosk that delivers information to a user. Information may be delivered via a touch screen system or by using a telephone handset.

Interactive Kiosk
This is a kiosk, which will respond back to you if you engage with it.

Internet Kiosk
An Internet kiosk is a kiosk that can access the Internet and display web pages.

Kiosks are computer terminals that have software, which enables them to perform simple tasks or services.

Kiosk Hardware
Kiosks hardware refers to all of the internal and external components that make up the machine. The kiosks without any software loaded on to it is hardware.

Kiosk Software
Kiosk software is the programs and applications that are loaded on to a kiosk so that it performs the duties required.

Kiosks for Rent
Some companies will rent out kiosks. You pay a set price each month for the use of the kiosks or the kiosk is coin operated and collects revenue to pay for the rental.

Kiosks Manufacturers
These are companies that build and produce kiosks machines.

Large Touch Screen Kiosks
This is a kiosk with an exceptionally large touch screen, sometimes being as large as a man.

Local Government Kiosks
Local Government kiosks are kiosks that are developed to work in local government departments such as the NHS, Schools, the police force, and the fire services for example.

Multimedia Kiosk
A multimedia kiosk is a machine that can display information in multiple formats including – text, video, audio, images and flash.

Multi Screen Kiosks
This is when a single kiosk unit has more than one screen so that it can be access by more than one user at a time. Ideal for busy places with many kiosk users.

Networked Kiosks
This refers to multiple kiosks that are all on the same network and can be updated by one central terminal.

Open Frame
Open frame monitors are designed to be mounted inside other pieces of equipment and are used as a component of a larger system.

Out Door Kiosk
This refers to kiosks that are located outside for public use. Out door kiosks are developed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Out door kiosks are also rugged machines so that they are vandal proof.

Panel Mount LCD Monitor
A panel mount LCD monitor is an industrial product used where a rugged monitor or touch screen monitor is required. The panel mount monitor can be fitted into a panel or wall.

Panel PC's
Panel PC’s have the LCD and touchscreen of a panel mount monitor and also have an industrial spec motherboard and CPU to form a complete computer system. Panel PCs are typically found in SCADA (System Control and Data Acquisition) systems. Panel PCs may be powered by processors such as the Intel ATOM.

Portable Kiosk
A portable is a scaled down kiosk making it easy to carry and take from one location to another.

Remote Monitoring
With more and more PCs and other computing platforms being deployed in remote locations, remote monitoring products and services are now available to monitor, diagnose faults and remotely fix any software or minor hardware issues from one central location.

Retail Kiosk
Any kiosk that is used in a shop or supermarket is a retail kiosk. Retail refers tot he location that the machine is intended for as opposed tot he software that the machine runs.

Rugged Kiosk
This is a heavy-duty machine, which has been developed to withstand harsh locations such as factories, mechanics garages, and so on. This kiosk can take more knocks and bumps and is vandal proof.

Scrolling LED Signs
Scrolling LED signs are typically found in hospitals, bus stations and other locations where small segments of information are to be provided. The LED signs may have around 20-30 characters and can be in single colour – red, yellow, green, white or multi-colour versions. The scrolling LED signs can be updated remotely.

Self Serve Kiosk
This is a kiosk that enables users to serve themselves through the kiosk rather than a member of staff serve them.

Sunlight Readable Monitors
These are screens that have a surface that diffuses sunlight so that when the sun shines on them, the user is still able to clearly see the screen. Screens may also use Transflective technology whereby the sunlight actually increases contrast.

Survey Point Kiosk
This is a kiosk with a survey software application running on it so that surveys can be created in the management system, and the results collected by the kiosk as the user type in answers to the survey.

Telehealth is the delivery of health-related services and information via telecommunications technologies. Such telecommunications technologies as kiosk, internet or website, SMS text messages, television or radio.

Ticketing Kiosk
A ticketing kiosk is a type of internet kiosk whereby users can obtain tickets for sports, travel and recreation.

Touch screen kiosks
A touch screen kiosk is a kiosk, which displays buttons on the screen for the used to press and navigate the kiosk as opposed to having a mouse or keyboard.

Visitors Centre kiosks
This is an information point that is located in a visitor’s centre to give information to visitors about the attraction. The kiosk may also collect entry fees, offer mobile phone alerts, print out visitors maps as some of its functionality’s.

Waiting Room Kiosks
Waiting room kiosk are located in waiting areas and run waiting room queue system software. The software organises the visitors in order of appointment or first come first served; this software is also refereed to as a virtual receptionist.

Wall Mounted Kiosk
This is a kiosk that has no stand and is in stead bolted to a wall. Wall mounted kiosk save floor space and can be hung in corridors. Because there is no stand, it means that a wheelchair user easily accesses the kiosk.

Web Kiosk
A web kiosk is a touch screen information kiosk for providing users with internet access.

Wheelchair Friendly Kiosks
These are kiosks with a design, which means that a user in a wheel chair can easily gain access to the kiosk. Wheelchair friendly kiosks are usually wall mounted or desk mounted.

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