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Kiosk connectivity over 3G and 4G

Posted 15/03/2016

Many kiosk applications require that the kiosk has an internet connection which may be available via a hardwired network point or the intended location may have WiFi available. For sites where this isn't the case or where wired/WiFi connectivity is not available then a cellular connection is the answer.

Kiosks4business supply fully integrated 3G or 4G routers fitted within the chassis of our kiosks. The routers will connect automatically to a network using a data enabled SIM via EE, Vodafone or other provider. The 4G routers include both Ethernet and WiFi so can be used to act as a WiFi hotspot in addition to providing the internet connectivity to the kiosk. Alternatively the kiosk can be locked down to the router to ensure secure closed system.

3G antenna fitted to kiosk
3G Antenna fits discretely on Eidos kiosk.

Integrated 3G kiosk router
3G Connectivity can offer WiFi hotspot via integrated router

Kiosks4business designers have cleverly incorporated a low profile antenna which is both discrete and vandal resistant while providing a great signal strength for optimum performance. Kiosks can now be placed where they're required rather than tied to building infrastructure.

If you have an application which requires 3G/4G connectivity then call our technical team on 01189 769088.

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